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  • 2014 Never Summer Cobra X Review

    Last season I was lucky enough to test the newest addition to the carbonium series (in it's wide form), the Cobra X. It was so new to the line up that it took til the March of the 2012 season for me to get my hands on one to try. The Cobra, born out of the success of the Proto CT, is a responsive, mid flexing all mountain slayer.

  • 2014 Never Summer Premier F1 Review

    An out and out freeride board, the Premier F1 has been part of the Never Summer stable for well over a decade. Having ridden the 2012 and 2013 incarnations in Karamba various conditions and with no changes to the specification (why change something that isn?t broken?) this was going to be a difficult review to write. What can you say that you haven?t already said?

  • 2014 Never Summer Proto HDX Review

    When I first stepped on an early production Proto in 2011 it was love at first ride. I loved how the board was playful and responsive but could also rail a turn when required.

  • 2013 Never Summer Cobra Review

    The Cobra is an interesting new addition to the line-up. It?s an all mountain board that for me is designed for someone who wants to dominate the pistes and powder but doesn?t want a stiff board to do it on.

  • 2013 Never Summer Proto CTX and Premier F1 Reviews

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